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Richard Wallman - a MySQL® DBA (database administrator)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you willing to work under an NDA? (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Yes, I have no problems working under an NDA. I recognise that I may access to sensitive information, and that people may feel happier having the additional "protection" of a signed NDA

Do you charge by the hour or by project?

It depends on the assignment - for something with a clear deliverable (setting up a server, for example) then I would usually charge for the project, rather than by the hour. For ongoing work (like monitoring or analysis) I would charge by the hour

How can I let you securely access my MySQL servers?

If your MySQL server is bound to a public IP address, contact me for my IP address to add to your firewall configuration and/or limiting a MySQL user account to a specific host. If your MySQL servers are bound to the loopback address only, I could still access them using an SSH tunnel

What's your SSH public key?

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCw9FqkqcwivYjlUYtJsA24HkqtvMuZFL9B22fDoLZH7wD7eMZen7xF9JIP6aIURlS0j/lgPy17ZStrU/6T7dP+Ohus9+x+5n0iiW2O13OBEEIe4o+LOZPA1cMz/qU3Z84nQgzgyYrBHAunBqT5nmNAM/HrSyA5Ldv3PoxpcGyNv6QpV2oXB4c3FChstywA7eZq1SuoBV138scmCm68ZtyjEOJ2c46rY95BUMZntC57BHi2AIKveRZbXRPse1wrAxXLt/II/4NmjHyaN8w/khDybuHUd8+/gK98LU7C8+Yazp3CBtKXKXn7YLXFHmmOe1XS6/cCRGw7y20k0cnDSC23