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Richard Wallman - a MySQL® DBA (database administrator)
An experienced MySQL® database administrator based in Birmingham, UK. Certified to the top levels with the MySQL® database server versions 4.x and 5.x, I have spent several years building and maintaining busy sites with 24x7 database availability and high levels of performance.
I have set up master-slave replicated database clusters, for both performance, HA (high availability) and backup scenarios. These setups have allowed for timely and effective archiving and disaster recovery, including PiTR (Point in Time Recovery) for data damaged by runaway SQL statements.
My work also involves database optimisation (setting up the server for maximum performance), schema design and optimisation, monitoring MySQL® database servers to maintain maximum performance and availability, and SQL query optimisation.
I am also the administrator of the Linux® servers on which I work, allowing me to extend the database optimisation to the OS and hardware level. This results in some systems I've worked on achieving uptimes in excess of 700 days, with on-line replacement and upgrades of hard disks and related filesystems.
Although I'm not currently actively looking for a new job, I do take on a limited amount of freelance work, especially that of a telecommute/per-incident support nature, and set aside some time each month to do pro-bono work for Open Source projects and/or non-profit organisations.