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Richard Wallman - a MySQL® DBA (database administrator)
I'm currently in full-time employment, and quite happy where I am, but I set aside a certain number of hours each month to do pro-bono work for non-profits and/or Open Source projects as well as taking on freelance work - email me with your project details and how I may be able to help.
For freelance work, telecommute and/or per-incident work would be ideal - you don't need me taking up a desk, and you probably don't need me all of the time.
Please email me to make first contact: - I tend to reject/ignore unsolicited contact when busy in order to concentrate on my work. We can make arrangements to chat, if necessary.
I am available on Skype (contact name: mysql_dba_uk) and Google Talk (username: - you will need to be authorised before you can send me IM messages). I have both a Twitter account (mysql_dba_uk) and a Facebook page (mysql_dba_uk), as well as a LinkedIn profile


My status

Note for recruiters/employment agencies

I'm pretty happy with where I am right now - please don't bombard me with job offers unless they're really good. In particular, pay attention to the following points:
Microsoft's database system is called "Microsoft SQL Server", and is sometimes referred to as "MS SQL Server" or MSSQL. This is not the same as MySQL - it is an entirely different database system made by an entirely different vendor. If you know so little about the role that you're recruiting for to mistake the two...see below.
If just read 'database administrator' and put me forward for jobs using other RDBMSs, don't be surprised if I ignore you. Carry on doing it and I'll personally blacklist you and maybe even the agency you work for. Do some basic research - that's what you're paid to do.
I will not relocate - if it's more than an hour away from me, I'm not interested. Don't waste my time.
Contract work is okay, permanent better, telecommute best. I'm rarely anywhere near the DB servers I work on, so there's no real need for me to take up office space.