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Richard Wallman - a MySQL® DBA (database administrator)


Going to change my policy towards NDAs - I have no problem with them, unless they gag me and create empty spaces in my work history
(2017-08-20 14:27:45)
My week in tags: #cpp #VideoStreaming #handlebarsjs #mongodb #español #holiday #family #perl #nda
(2017-07-02 22:40:00)
Lesson of the week: #MongoDB update() is not the same as SQL UPDATE. It's okay - I didn't need that document anyway 😉#rtfm
(2017-06-25 20:47:31)
My week in tags: #MEAN #MongoDB #JavaScript #NodeJS #expressjs #mustache #PHP #ceph #debian #cpp #html5 #VideoStreaming #fpga #verilog
(2017-06-25 20:38:53)
That was "fun" - setting up new @Percona #MySQL cluster, initial SST kept failing. Culprit: "skip-name-resolve" makes sstuser@localhost fail
(2017-06-20 22:17:45)
Hoping to finally find some time to have a quality play with @percona #MongoDB this weekend - only tested successful install so far
(2017-06-17 15:45:26)
Starting to clear old contracts/NDAs - been quite a year, doing coding, providing training, working with NoSQL databases. Full stack indeed!
(2017-04-21 21:32:02)
Just read the MySQL/HAProxy tutorial on @digitalocean - it's so awful it literally took my breath away for a second. Top result in Google :(
(2016-04-26 15:02:46)
Part 2 of my #mysql #replication for #webdev series: "Why do I need replication?"
(2016-01-19 11:14:41)
I've been asked to write a series about #mysql replication for #webdev s. Part 1: "What is it?"...
(2016-01-12 10:44:59)

Seems to be an interesting gotcha with binlogs when setting up new nodes in a Percona XtraDB cluster

Posted on 2015-06-16 @ 10:52:00

When the new server starts for the first time, it creates the binlog index file and an initial binlog file. It then connects to the clusters, finds it's not initialised and starts an SST operation. So far, so good...

The issue I've been hitting ... (read more...)

Yet another style update!

Posted on 2011-12-16 @ 15:33:01

Yes, I know it's been a long, long time, but I've finally got round to dragging this site out of the 90s and look not quite so eye-wateringly bad.

Now all I need to do is spend more time working on content! If you have any suggestions for artic... (read more...)

New site uploaded

Posted on 2010-08-27 @ 09:12:21

I've finally managed to get this updated website online - been busy with lots of work, plus been struggling getting the CSS right in the major browsers. Now that the baseline is done, hopefully I can keep this site update!